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"Block Bank is a a digital decentralized commercial banking entity. The Block Bank concept is a digital funding platform designed to serve human needs rather than profits alone. The platform will operate automatically online opening up low cost comme...... More
Update Time: 2018/11/12 08:00:00
surpassing 44% of token
0.6000 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
350,500,000 USD BBRT
Financial Information
  • Platform-
  • Accepting-
  • Token for sale500,000,000
  • Whitelist/KYC-
Adam Cuffe
Adam Cuffe
Founder Project Director
Anton Dzyatkovskii
Anton Dzyatkovskii
Emerging Markets
Dmitry Machikhin
Dmitry Machikhin
Legal Russian Markets
Yusuf Sozi
Yusuf Sozi
Sales Officer
Stephen Widdison
Stephen Widdison
Chief Operations Officer
Vitalii Biriukov
Vitalii Biriukov
Blockchain team lead architect
Vladimir Sergeev
Vladimir Sergeev
Team lead backend web developer
Elena Morozova
Elena Morozova
Team lead frontend web developer

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