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"Blockbits provides innovative mechanisms such as safe funding vaults and secure milestone based payments. The platform offers to both investors and project owners investing tools and minimal to zero fees. Our platform is designed to become fully ind...... More
Update Time: 2018/11/17 08:00:00
surpassing 52% of token
0.0947 USD
Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
23,478,400USD (fiat) BBX
Financial Information
  • PlatformEthereum
  • AcceptingETH
  • Token for sale285000000.0
  • Whitelist/KYCNone
Micky Socaci
Micky Socaci
Main Developer
Mihai Iliescu
Mihai Iliescu
Senior Security Engineer
Vlad Morar
Vlad Morar
Video / Marketing Specialist
Ionut Toader
Ionut Toader
Frontend Developer
Radu Dumitru
Radu Dumitru
Graphic / UX Designer
Arthur Birnbaum
Arthur Birnbaum
Animation and Motion Graphics
Alexandru Lazar
Alexandru Lazar
Emerging Technologies Enthusiast
Georgeana Bobos-Kristof
Georgeana Bobos-Kristof
Mathematics Professor / Educational Consultant

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