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"Bodhi prediction market will be built on top of the Qtum blockchain. Qtum combines Bitcoin Core infrastructure with Ethereum Virtual Machine to provide stability, modularity and interoperability for dApps build on its platform. Bodhi aims to be one ...... More
Update Time: 2018/11/12 08:00:00
surpassing 64% of token
$ 0.0968
Volume of 24H: $24,063
Market CapGlobal Share
$ 3,456,000
Circulating SupplyCirculation Rate
40000000 BOT
Financial Information
  • Issue Time2017-11-21
  • No.of Exchange6
  • PlatformQtum
  • Initial Price-
  • Total Supply100,000,000 BOT
Xiahong Lin
Xiahong Lin
Project Lead & Founder
Frank Hu
Frank Hu
Tech Lead
Li Li
Li Li
Design Lead
Deric Walintukan
Deric Walintukan
Smart Contract Developer
Jane Wu
Jane Wu
VP Marketing
Cecilia Li
Cecilia Li
Business Development
Sai Zhang
Sai Zhang
Digital Marketing Manager
Samuel Suh
Samuel Suh

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