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"Donation transfers through blockchain technology are maintained and owned only by the users thereby decreasing the associated costs. The Platform removes the necessity for contracting the third-party agencies, which involve high contract fees, and t...... More
Update Time: 2018/11/15 08:00:00
7.5010 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
1,500 ETH BTCF
Financial Information
  • PlatformEthereum
  • AcceptingETH
  • Token for sale70,000
  • Whitelist/KYC-
Chris Neal
Chris Neal
Team Leader
Anna Weber
Anna Weber
Humanitarian Aid Expert
Aleksandr Golubev
Aleksandr Golubev
Software Developer
Alisher Akhmetov
Alisher Akhmetov
Financial Specialist
Kseniya Gorovaya
Kseniya Gorovaya

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